September 2016


September 2016


Are you a property that needs preventive maintenance in their equipment? In Logicom Media we offer different services

  • Clean all camera lenses for optimal performance
  • Ensure that all bullet & box cameras are securely in position
  • Replace cameras with persistent poor image quality or broken parts
  • Check your camera housing and weatherproof
  • Make sure your cables are securely connected
  • Check all supporting brackets and towers
  • Check the iris lenses
  • Check for all the switches and routers
  • Check that the DVRS are recording perfectly
  • Check the hours/dates from the DVRS
  • Check the setting of the DVRS (Resolution, Motion, Alarms, Image Output, and others)
  • Check the HD of the DVRS
  • Check the BNC Video Connections
  • Check all the power connections and the UPS battery
  • Recommend which devices need to be replaced or improved for better functionality.


If you want more inquiries about this you can send an email to