April 2016


April 2016

“The camera that thinks”

111Have you ever dream of a camera that not only records but it can also think by itself?

Logicom Media Solutions Corp has make affordable this type of technology that not only records but has different settings that can be helpful in your condominium or business.

Save more memory establishing a region of interest in the camera.

You don’t need to record everything that is in one room, just set up your ROI (Region of Interest) and let the camera record that specific spot that you need.

Set up an alarm for the room.

You can actually order the camera to set an alarm when somebody takes out something from the room, and even you can put an alarm when somebody leaves something unexpected in the room. The camera will take a snapshot and point at you the thing that they took away or the thing they put. It’s your choice.

Set an imaginary line with the camera.

You can order the camera to put an imaginary line, that way when somebody passes that line the camera will trigger the alarm and will take snapshots of the event and send it to your dropbox.

Don’t get worried about people tampering with your equipment, the new camera IP40E is created to take snapshot of people when they get too closed to them. They can register all the event that happens and send all the photos to the dropbox.

Logicom Media Solutions Corp cares about your security.

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